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The Symphony Spread

This is a great 4-15 day range bound strategy that basically neutralizes Vega risk and gives you a lot of price protection. This trade is made up of a put calendar and a call butterfly. The average time in this trade is 1-4 days. This has been one of the most successful strategies in our community the last 1 1/2 years. 
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About this Course

Introducing the Symphony Spread, an innovative 4-15 day range bound strategy that masterfully orchestrates the strengths of both the put calendar and call butterfly to create a harmonious approach to trading. This finely tuned strategy skillfully neutralizes Vega risk, providing traders with substantial price protection and a robust defense against market volatility. Designed for an average holding period of 1-4 days, the Symphony Spread has proven to be an exceptionally successful technique within our trading community over the past 18 months, resonating well with both novice and seasoned traders alike.

At the core of this strategy lies a detailed and methodical plan that involves the careful selection and execution of trades, tailored to mitigate risk while maximizing potential returns. Dan, a veteran trader with decades of experience, will take you through the nuances of the Symphony Spread in each class. He'll not only demonstrate his methodology through live trades but also share his custom 4-step risk management plan. This plan is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of the market confidently.

Furthermore, Dan's approach is highly interactive and personalized, ensuring that you have the opportunity to apply these concepts in real-time, under his expert guidance. Whether you're looking to refine your trading skills or adopt new strategies, the Symphony Spread offers a comprehensive and strategic framework that can be adapted to fit your individual trading style.

Learn from the Original

Dan Sheridan is the Founder and CEO of Sheridan Risk Management. He has over 30 years of experience trading options and educating traders worldwide.

Dan is a veteran CBOE market maker, who worked with the highly successful specialist firm Mercury Trading, headed up by Jon and Pete Najarian. While at Mercury, Dan was responsible for training most of the traders including Pete Najarian, one of the former hosts of CNBC’s Fast Money.

Dan left the pits in 2004, and founded Sheridan Risk Management. He now teaches individual traders the techniques and methods he used everyday to consistently profit in the options markets. Dan also teaches professional and retail traders through many additional channels:

Dan is a featured Guest of the TDAmeritrade Network. He has been featured at CBOE.com and he frequently does educational webinars at InteractiveBrokers and a number of other brokerage firms!
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