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Directional Calendar with Dan and Mark

 Dan and Mark will be sharing a new Directional course dedicated to Butterflies. We have never taught this kind of class class before let alone in such high Volatility environment. They will be teaching our favorite Directional Strategy: The Time Bomb Butterfly. Dan Sheridan and Mark Fenton will Teach this strategy. This is the first time we have done a course on this very popular directional strategy used in the Sheridan Community. Out of all the Speculative Strategies that are utilized, including Long Options and Long Vertical Spreads, we feel this strategy has the best Risk / Reward and highest potential yield of any other Strategy used for Directional Plays. Mark and Dan will use this strategy in Indexes, ETF’s, Stocks, Earnings Situations, Big Pending Market news, and many other situations. Dan developed the Time Bomb Butterfly years ago and is excited to unleash it to the Public now. We will cover specific guidelines: which vehicles to use, what duration , what strikes and width, Risk management and Adjustments, Double Time Bomb Strategy, and much more. Join us for a very useful strategy in a volatile market. Each class will have a live trade for illustrative purposes, and Dan will follow up each live trade the next class to discuss Risk Management and adjustments.

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