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A better Way to Sell Cash Secured Puts for Monthly Income

 Class Description: Michael Dell and Warren Buffet (and many others) have been Selling Puts in stocks they own for years (especially their own stocks). This is a wonderful strategy for Monthly income and it also has an added benefit of buying more of your favorite stocks at a 5-10% discount off the stock price when you initiate this strategy. This has been a very good strategy historically, and requires little management time. The problem with this very good strategy is the Capital you have to put up to sell 1 Put. The Capital is basically the cost of buying 100 shares of your favorite stock, Yes, you get the Option Premium when you sell, but you have to have enough Cash in your account to buy the stock if you get assigned on the put you are selling. The result is lower yields because of the large capital expenditure. We will show you a much better way in our opinion! We will show you how we hedge the short put to reduce your risk and capital, but more importantly, potentially increase your monthly yields quite a bit! Besides this, and extremely crucial, we will show you sound risk management techniques if the trade goes against you!

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